Unfortunately, we’ve had a handful of clients experience a common scam—fake domain renewal notices. Scammers send a letter stating that the recipient’s domain is about to expire and they need to submit their credit card information to renew it. These letters typically look professional and sound legitimate, so it can be easy for recipients to fall for the scam.

How to Protect Yourself From Domain Renewal Scams

  • Know where your domain is registered. Your domain renewal notice will come from that entity. For example, if you bought your domain through GoDaddy.com, that’s who should be contacting you about your domain renewal.
  • Be leary of domain notices that come in the mail requesting you to fill out your credit card information; that is an uncommon practice.
  • If you receive an email that appears to be from your domain provider, make sure the sender’s email domain matches the domain of the company they claim to represent.
  • If another company bought a domain on your behalf, ask where they bought it. This is important information for you to know!
  • If 360 Ideas or RSM Marketing purchased your domain, that’s who will send your domain renewal invoice. You will never receive an invoice from the domain provider itself.

We’ve had many clients receive letters from a company called iDNS who leads the recipient to believe that they are about to lose their domain if they don’t take immediate action. These letters look like renewal notices, but they are actually trying to solicit your business. Companies like iDNS want you to transfer and renew your domain through their service. Problem is, their prices are substantially more than the market rate, and you’ll likely have a difficult time switching your domain back to a trusted domain provider.

If you receive a letter, or email, from iDNS or any other company claiming to own your domain, stop, think and ask. Likely, it’s a letter that should be ignored. If you’re a client of 360 Ideas or RSM Marketing, please make us aware. Protecting your online property is our priority!