Like many of Facebook’s updates and added features, cover videos for business pages have been quietly rolling out over the past few weeks. There isn’t much to go on right now from Facebook in the way of instruction or tips, so here’s what we’ve discovered about adding a Facebook cover video to a business page.

Are Cover Videos Available for your Page?

We first noticed this new feature on a client’s Facebook page in May. The on the corner of the cover photo that lets an admin change out the image was flashing back and forth between the usual camera icon and a new video camera icon. At the time, Facebook reported to Adweek that it was testing cover videos. Now, we’re seeing the option on our own Facebook page, as well as more client pages.

To see if your page can have a cover video, just visit your Facebook page in Admin view and look for the flashing icon like the example below.

Facebook Cover Video Specs


When creating your video, the minimum size is 820 x 312 pixels, but Facebook recommends 820 x 462 pixels.


Cover video length should be 20 to 90 seconds. For our example below, we simply looped a 4-second video five times to get to the minimum length.


Sound is an option, but like other videos on Facebook, it’s muted by default. There are controls on the video that allow the user to adjust the volume, however.

Uploading a Cover Video to Facebook

Changing your company’s Facebook cover from a static image to a video is simple. Just click the flashing camera/video camera icon and choose “Upload Photo/Video”, then select the file you want. You’ll get to choose one of 10 video stills for the start screen; uploading a custom start screen isn’t currently an option. The start screen can be repositioned, but it’s important to note that clicking on the cover video makes it full-screen, so the entire frame will be visible.

There’s no word yet on whether Facebook Insights will include stats on cover video views or watch time, but we’ll update this post if we see them.

Our team is excited to start experimenting with different formats and types of cover video content for our clients. How will your business use Facebook’s new feature?