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Branding, Web Design

As a new high-end, retail brand entering the market, Kozaye™ pillows needed a transactional website that still conveyed their brand essence. The site was the first public-facing extension of the brand, so it was critical that it strikes the right cord and stimulate engagement.

Services Provided Custom Mobile & Tablet Compatible Website Design | Custom E-commerce Integration | Custom WordPress CMS | Copywriting | SEO | Site Speed Optimization | Drip Email Campaign Signup | Consumer-Profile Product Funnel | Website Hosting | Product Photography

Project Details

Every detail of the Kozaye™ website has meaning and purpose, just like the design of the breathable, memory-foam core pillows. The cool colors and open, airy design promote peace and relaxation, two important ingredients for deep, restorative slumber. And the clean site layout mirrors the simplicity of the product portfolio and how consumers determine which pillow best suits them.


Drawing these parallels and creating an emotional connection with consumers was key for the client. The site buildout represented the tip-of-the-iceberg in terms of all the brand development and strategy that took place under the surface.


The result, however, was a hardworking website that pushes visitors toward a purchase. One of the site’s main calls-to-action is a quiz that matches visitors with one of six different pillow types. This CTA is also an entry point into a drip-email campaign, as the visitors’ emails are captured at the end of the survey.


#PillowPerfection meets website perfection! Or, at least, pretty close to it…

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