What Is The Google Assistant And Why Should I Care?

Google Assistant provides a personalized internet search and command function that is customized to the individual users voice.

There are currently over 450 million voice assistant devices in the U.S. and this is expected to reach 870 million by 2022. The Google Assistant runs on over 20 million Google Home devices, hundreds of millions of Android and IOS smartphones and is now extending to the ‘Internet of Things.’ (TV’s, lights, thermostats, locks, cameras, appliances, cars)

The hyper-rapid growth of Google Assistant enabled devices and adoption of voice command behavior provides a powerful marketing opportunity for businesses.

RSM Marketing can build your own customized Google Assistant app, enabling you to enjoy a first-mover advantage with millions of consumers using Google Assistant.

OK, I’m Listening.

Wondering if your business is a good fit for voice search? Consider the possibilities:

  • Program your Assistant as a Guide, answering questions commonly fielded by on-premises staff
  • Connect Google Assistant to data feeds with information such as events, wait times, product or service availability, appointment scheduling and more
  • Create a library of voice friendly content for your customers
  • Establish expertise by answering commonly asked question about your industry
  • Gain preferred organic voice placement by being first with voice friendly content
  • Use your Google Assistant as a Chatbot on your site, or Facebook Messenger

RSM Voice Search Starter Plan includes:

  • Development of a custom Google Assistant app
  • Programming up to 30 responses
  • Assistance identifying most valuable questions and responses
  • Advanced ‘follow-up question’ capabilities
  • Submission of app to Google for approval
  • Revisions required for approval

$2750 Initial set up and content programming fee

Monthly Maintenance & Reporting Includes:

  • Monthly maintenance to retain approval and operational
  • Monthly reporting of usage, organic & referred, recommended additional actions

$90 monthly maintenance and reporting

Try It Now

Just ask your Google Assistant to “Talk to 360Wichita”  (Google Assistant is native on Android devices, Google Home devices and available in the app store for Apple IOS devices.”)

Advanced implementations can include interactions with your website, content personalized for users, and payment transactions. These apps require a custom quote.