Google Posts is a new feature that allows businesses to create short posts, similar to a Facebook status update, that will appear in Google searches. Posts are designed to allow businesses to include fresh content, promos and events on their Google listings. The posts, which can include images, videos, and gifs, are made via the Google My Business website and mobile apps.

We first tested this feature with our client, Reddi Industries, by posting their latest blog article. Within a few minutes the post was showing up on Google for searches that included their business name. The post also showed up on Google Maps results on mobile and desktop when browsing services provided by the company.

Google has provided no information on how this feature will impact Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but if it is similar to Google Maps, Reviews and Plus pages, there will likely be some benefit to incorporating the feature into your SEO strategy. At the very least the added exposure on Google listings makes it worth making periodic posts.

Why should you use Google Posts?

The immediate value of Google Posts is the ability to show the most relevant and timley content you have to people who are looking at your business listing on Google properties. Anything exciting happing today, any sale or big event, anything that will be a draw to your business and help your listing stand out from competitors would be the type of content to start with. Often consumers react to currently relevant content more than older or stagnant content, so Google Posts is very similar to social media platforms in the sense that “fresh” is good. Over time we will learn more about SEO value, as well as how post frequency and content impacts results. For now, we experiment!

The Posts interface currently has just a few options for a visual, text, event date and a call-to-action link. The interface we are seeing does not match the samples on the official Google Posts site, which appears to be out of date. Regardless, it is common for Google to run tests on new products, and common to see changes and updates to new features.

If you’ve not already claimed your Google business listing, you’ll need do that in order to use Google Posts. Check your listings here.

Here is our first Google Post on a search results page: