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What Is an SSL Certificate and Why Do I Need One?

How often do you read about cyber attacks in the news? How about identity theft? Reporters discuss these topics almost daily. If you’ve tuned into these discussions, you might have heard about SSL certificates. Other than relating to website security, do you know what...

Beware of Fake Domain Renewal Notices

Unfortunately, we’ve had a handful of clients experience a common scam—fake domain renewal notices. Scammers send a letter stating that the recipient's domain is about to expire and they need to submit their credit card information to renew it. These letters typically...

SEO Scams: Is That Email Legit?

If your business has a website, by now you’ve likely received at least one unsolicited email alerting you that your site needs immediate improvements. These alerts typically include vague promises to instantly get you to the top of Google or guarantee more traffic,...

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