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Althoff Industries

Web Design

Killing two birds with one stone is a difficult task. With a little expertise and savvy design skills, though, this services company was able to achieve their goal of merging their commercial and residential websites together into one lead-driven website.

Services Provided Custom Website Design | Custom Website Programming | SEO

Project Details

Now when users visit the site, there is a clear path for commercial services and another for residential. The site uses one central customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which made the merge complex as only one of the two sites was initially using it.

It was also difficult for users to find information on the company’s old residential website, so the redesign had to bring clarity to the user experience. An intuitive navigation, content organization and search engine optimization (SEO) were key. The redesign also included better calls-to-action that lead users to form or phone number.

In a cyber world where reviews rule consumer opinion, it was important for the company’s reviews to be prominent throughout their residential web pages. Reviews are now included in the footer of every page and they link to their review platform where thousands of their reviews live.

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