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CTS Trucking

Web Design
CTS, a family-owned dry bulk transportation company, has never been satisfied with standing still. They began over 30 years ago as a trucking company and have kept up with the times by developing a logistics division. They needed an updated website to match their forward-thinking mindset.

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Project Details

Dry bulk trucking is a steak-and-a-handshake sort of business—a close-knit corner of the trucking business where everyone knows everyone. With their stellar reputation (they’re still hauling loads for their very first customer) CTS has no trouble keeping their trucks full. Their primary goal with the new website was to recruit good drivers. In that, CTS has to compete with the big tractor trailer trucking companies.

We kicked off the project with a trip to the CTS headquarters in Wichita, in order to get a sense of who they are as a company. We quickly learned that people are paramount at CTS. It’s a relationship-driven company where customers and drivers are known by their name, not their account or truck number. Traffic coordinators shared with us about their drivers and how much personal attention, family and connection mean to them. These insights were the basis of the new messaging and copy for the website.

In addition to new messaging, the website also received a UX overhaul. The new site navigation establishes clear funnels and calls-to-action, and creates a delineation between the trucking and logistics divisions of CTS.

The design retained the CTS brand colors but received a major update with clean yet robust typography and panoramic imagery. The overall feel is one of reliability, consistency, and trustworthiness, balanced with a modern outlook. The homepage features beautiful aerial videography captured by our sister company, Hydraulic Studios. It showcases a CTS truck against the Wichita skyline, highlighting the company’s ICT roots.

CTS is now miles beyond the average trucking company website. Their new site captures the heart of who they are, and gives them opportunities to continue growing into the future.

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