Ad Astra Debate League

Logo & Web Design
Competitive speech and debate leagues spark curiosity in students. But without the proper resources and support needed to grow, Kansas schools and debate programs face a competitive decline on the national level.

In order to keep Kansas debate competitive, the Ad Astra Debate League envisioned a fun, inclusive website full of tools and resources for students, coaches, and volunteers to access. Thousands of students experience the positive impact of joining a competitive team, and competitive debate is no different.

The Ad Astra Debate League aims to be the number one resource for competitive speech and debate programs in the state of Kansas, and they came to us to help them achieve that goal.

Services Provided Logo Design, Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, Copywriting

Project Details

We determined the Ad Astra Debate League needed a logo that worked alongside all different types of school programs, not just speech and debate. The heart of speech and debate programs is simple: communication. Whether students are defending their stance or introducing a new point of view, they are communicating strategically, creatively and clearly, and that’s the message their logo needed to get across.

Their new logo shows this strategic and creative communication with the speech bubble iconography. The shooting star added to the speech bubble incorporated an element of the Kansas flag to the logo.

Along with the logo, they needed a website tailored to all different audiences: parents, students, coaches, volunteers and donors. With the color palette created from the logo, we were able to incorporate many fun, vibrant colors to appeal to parents and students.

We needed to communicate the benefits of competitive debate and speech programs so parents would encourage their children to sign up, and students would want to join. The most crucial page on the website is the Students page. It bolsters interest and generates excitement in competitive speech and debate. The rest of the site supports this main student-focused initiative.

We are proud to partner with local Wichita organizations and nonprofits to cultivate growth in our community. The Ad Astra Debate League aims to build the leaders of tomorrow, and we’re excited to see what they do throughout all of Kansas.

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