Knolla's Pizza

Web Development
Beloved by Wichitans, hometown favorite Knolla’s Pizza has been serving up freshly made pizzas for over 35 years. Customers rave about the one-of-a-kind crusts, mouth-watering sauce, whole milk mozzarella and generous toppings. Over the years, the Knolla family has added locations and new menu offerings, and now their website needed some updates, too.
Services Provided Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, Photography

Project Details

The way customers order pizza has changed since the last Knolla’s site update. It needed a mobile-first approach and a clear, immediate way to order online. We greatly streamlined the homepage content and design to get people right to the good stuff—deals and ordering. Online ordering is now the first thing customers see on mobile.

When it comes to ordering pizza, people want options—and not just on the toppings. While many people like to order delivery online, phone ordering, carryout and dine-in are all still popular. Each Knolla’s location is independently owned and operated, and offers different dining options. So, we made sure each location page makes it easy to find the phone number, menu, address and carryout and delivery options.

The entire site got a modern refresh, with tantalizing product photography and a switch from a dark background to a light, bright and airy feel. We also worked with the Knolla family on a very special history page, complete with treasured family photos.

The Knolla’s website is now as fresh as their hand-made pizzas!

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