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The Kansas wholesale distribution industry is a vital part of the state’s economy and produces thousands of well-paying jobs. So many jobs, in fact, that there aren’t enough qualified workers to fill them!

To address the labor shortage, the Kansas Distribution Alliance sought to launch an initiative to encourage students to pursue distribution careers through the Pratt Community College Modern Distribution and Sales Management (MDSM) program. This one-of-a-kind program equips students with the skills, education and hands-on experience to prepare them for success in the distribution industry.

The Alliance came to us to get their new initiative up and running.

Services Provided Branding, Logo Design, Marketing Strategy, Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, Copywriting, Marketing Materials

Project Details

We came in at the ground floor with this project, laying the foundation with logo design, brand voice and brand guidelines—even the campaign name. “Keep Kansas Running” is simple to say, easy to remember and straight to the point. In three words, it gives a clear representation of the program and its goal. “Keep” represents the essential nature of the industry now but also works as a call to action for recruitment for the future.

The new logo uses arrows to illustrate the movement within the distribution industry, as well as its connectivity. The vibrant green color palette represents life, growth, safety, potential and ambition.

The challenge in copywriting for this project is that while distribution is essential to nearly every industry and aspect of life, the general public has little knowledge of it. We needed to communicate the essential nature of wholesale distribution in a clear, quick-to-digest way. The most pivotal page on the campaign website is the recruitment landing page. We distilled down the most important information for students and created seamless calls-to-action and contact options.

We were proud to be part of the Kansas Distribution Alliance’s efforts to promote good jobs and a thriving economy, and look forward to seeing the success of their new campaign!

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