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Bondy was born out of the remote work movement.

Business partners Lisa Harrigton and Kimberly Martinez started out 2020 just like many other business owners. Their specialty fashion accessories company, Bonitas International, was poised for another successful year. Bonitas is known for designer lanyards and badge reel jewelry that enable employees who wear ID badges to “identify with style.”

Then, COVID-19 hit, and employees stopped going to “the office” to work. Bonitas’ customer base disappeared almost overnight. Lisa and Kimberly knew they had to pivot, and fast. They dug deep into what they did well and what they had to offer, and came up with the idea of helping other forward-thinking, people-focused organizations make the transition to remote work. By delivering shared experiences (in the form of virtual team building kits, care packages, healthy snack boxes and more), their new startup could help keep companies connected, their team bonds strong, and their culture vibrant.

The idea for Bondy was born, and the co-founders gave us a call to help them make it a reality.

Services Provided Branding, Logo Design, Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, eCommerce, Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Marketing Materials, Packaging Design, Product Photography, Animation, Video

Project Details

Bondy’s co-founders came to us with a strong company concept and deep understanding of the problem they wanted to solve for their core audience. Everything else was up for our combined teams to collaborate on together! That started with the company and brand names, identity…even the products themselves. It was a joy and a challenge to be part of the creation of an entirely new brand.

Our clients knew they wanted a B2B identity and voice that was professional enough to appeal to the C-suite and HR professionals, yet quirky and fun to demonstrate the excitement and energy the Bondy experiences generate for teams. Our team created a fresh and vibrant logo, website design and packaging design that perfectly captured that balance. One of our favorite parts of the project was an animated video, which is delightfully fun and informative! The website copy, product descriptions, marketing materials and video scripts are relevant, distinctive and funny while also clearly demonstrating the value Bondy offers.

We enjoyed working side-by-side with our clients in creating the Bondy brand, and wish them all the success in the world as they grow their new company!

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