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Web Development

Employer Advantage has been a trusted HR management contractor for more than 30 years! Founder Lee Allphin originally ran his own business making industrial chemicals. But he always felt he was spending too much time on HR issues, even once he hired an HR director. So instead, Lee sold his chemical business and started on Employer Advantage, which allows clients to offload their HR management burdens.


Employer Advantage offers many services and is incredibly knowledgeable about HR solutions, but their website had an overload of information, making it difficult to read. That’s why they turned to us! So, we optimized their site to be user-friendly and concise.

Services Provided Copywriting, Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, SEO

Project Details

Employer Advantage knows the best way to create HR bliss and help clients out from under the HR rubble. But, they needed help optimizing their website, so we took all of the excellent information Employer Advantage has and reformated it to a more concise layout. Thus, creating an atmosphere that makes people want to stay on the path to HR bliss and, consequently, boosting lead generations.

We needed to describe all the services and resources Employer Advantage offers while reflecting their professional charm. To accomplish our goals, we focused on increasing the strategic call-to-actions, building a more exciting layout, and including graphics showing rather than telling how Employer Advantage can help. As a result, Employer Advantage’s website went from cluttered and overpopulated to clean and refreshing.

We’re thankful Employer Advantage chose to partner with us for their newly renovated website. We wish them all the best as they continue to take the burden of HR management off their clients and onto their shoulders.

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