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Byers Seamless Gutter Inc. helps Wichita businesses and homeowners keep their properties dry and protected through quality gutter service. Michael Byers founded Byers Seamless Gutter in 1989, and now his son plays a significant role on the team, too. The Byers family has proudly served Wichita for 30 years and two generations!

Byers offers a more efficient type of gutter. Seamless gutters are different from traditional gutters because seamless gutters come in single pieces that are cut on-site. As a result, the seamless gutters provide better curb appeal and have less leakage and clogs, making them less likely to leak and require maintenance.

Byers knows that a great website could boost potential sales, which is why they reached out to us. We helped them build out a more functional website.

Services Provided Copywriting, Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS

Project Details

Byers Seamless Gutter inc. is proud to have served the Wichita area and wanted to stay true to who they are and keep their messaging authentic. So, we updated their copy to deliver their same message more professionally and appear in potential clients’ searches.

Our most significant change to the site was the design and layout. Byers’s site hadn’t changed much from when they first published it. So, we modernized it by creating a more responsive design by adding strategic call-to-actions promoting user engagement and interactive graphics to develop opportunities for on-site marketing.

Behind the scenes, our team utilized the latest Google infrastructure and digital tools to focus on the user experience. In addition, we made the copy and layout conversion-friendly by calling out their main benefits and selling points.

We also focused on their cross-browser compatibility. Now Byers site will undoubtedly be compatible on the most popular browsers and devices and will be responsive for smartphones users with features like automatic device detection, click-to-call phone numbers, and high-resolution screens.

We enjoyed working with Byers Seamless Gutter Inc. on their new website, and we wish them 30 more years of success!

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