Web Design
GOAT Tank is a complete DOT-approved mobile refueling system made by ECI fuel systems. The beauty of this specialty product is the combination of fuel tank and fuel transfer pump in one. While GOAT Tank is not the first to arrive at this combination, they’re the first to deliver a complete mobile fueling solution built for professionals…and one that looks pretty sleek, too. The website represented the “soft launch” of this new product so hitting the target audience in the right way was key.

Services Provided Branding | Copywriting | Custom Mobile & Tablet Compatible Website Design & Development | Custom WordPress CMS

Project Details

The GOAT Tank is a disruptive, non-traditional product, so it was important for the website to convey that. There’s a heavy focus on lifestyle on the site, especially on the homepage.

Our team created marketing personas for the two different types of GOAT Tank customers, which allowed us to understand what they valued and expected. They’re truck owners who use fuel for both work and play. They’re eager to explore and start new journeys. The design and copy on the new website work with each other to support this. Visitors see blue skies, open roads and messaging that reminds them of how exciting new journeys can be.

With a new brand, sometimes there isn’t much content to start with, which is okay! GOAT Tank is a great example of how you can create a meaningful website with just a few key components: customer insight, strong branding and a clearly defined product.

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