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Lakepoint Family Physicians

Web Design
Lakepoint Family Physicians is a single place where patients of all ages can receive a variety of medical services like routine physicals, pediatric care, flu shots, immunizations, management of chronic illness, preventative care and more. Lakepoint Family Physicians’ new website still includes the same important information for patients and their families that their old website did but displays it a much simpler, more modern way.

Services Provided Custom Website Design & Development | Custom WordPress CMS | Mobile & Tablet Compatible Web Design

Project Details

For every website, the homepage is where first impressions are made. In many cases, simple and to-the-point is best—but over time, many businesses fall victim to adding more and more content. Eventually, this becomes too much for visitors to quickly digest. And when visitors can’t immediately find what they’re looking for, they become frustrated and may leave the website entirely.

We didn’t want that to happen with Lakepoint Family Physicians, which is why simplifying the homepage—and other key pages on the site—was critical.

While the homepage of their previous website was chock-full of information, it was difficult to determine which information was most important. The design of the new site lets the content breathe and conveys information through meaningful imagery, icons and intentional sections. This layout and aesthetic continues throughout the site, making the user experience as fluid as possible.

Lakepoint Family Physicians’ old website was built on a proprietary content management system (CMS) that was not universally supported. The new WordPress site is much more user-friendly and dynamic. Another big shift includes a mobile- and tablet-compatible web design. Previously, users had to manually toggle between the full site and a mobile version of it.

Given the client’s medical services and interactions, secure socket layer (SSL) compliance was important. So our team added SSL to every page of the site for secure connections, especially with the transfer of information from users.

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