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PetroBase creates oilfield software software solutions that help oil and gas companies achieve superior business performance by streamlining their operations. Founder Kyle Stephenson, a petroleum engineer, worked with international oil companies prior to privately owning, operating and consulting in the Oil & Gas industry. He saw the inefficiencies and difficulties involved in operating an oil and gas company and developed a solution.

PetroBase is a small family owned and operated business that produces a world-class software solution. However, they have to compete with massive software companies with large in-house marketing teams. PetroBase’s reputation with their customers is outstanding, but they need to move beyond word-of-mouth to grow their customer base.

They came to us to help them address these two challenges.

Services Provided Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, Mobile & Tablet Compatible Web Design, Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, SEO, Marketing Materials, Drip Email Campaigns, Website Hosting

Project Details

We began working in tandem with the PetroBase team on marketing strategy. Enterprise software isn’t an easy one-time purchase like a consumable. It’s a commitment to changing your daily operations. Most people are resistant to change, especially in long-established industries like Oil & Gas where “this is how we’ve always done it” is a common refrain.

So how to bring about that change? We developed distinct customer personas for PetroBase’s two main products, Explorer and Pro—identifying buying behaviors, motivations, goals, pain points, decision drivers, challenges and objections. This informed all of our work, from the website messaging and design to the new sales funnels.

Coming from an Oil & Gas industry background, the PetroBase team had a remarkable understanding of their customers and articulated well the true benefits of their software. Those benefits only needed to be emphasized and brought to the fore in the new messaging, marketing materials, website copy and design.

The PetroBase website had good bones and a solid UX layout, as one would expect from a software company. What it needed most was a design update. The previous design emphasized a Midwest feel with its imagery of golden fields. This was a good reflection of PetroBase’s roots, but we wanted to showcase them as a forward-thinking, world-class software company.
Our design team kept the PetroBase colors (navy blue and orange) but “opened up” the site by replacing the dark gray backgrounds with white and letting the text breathe. The new imagery strikes the perfect balance between the high-tech software world and the rugged world of the oilfield.

The effect is dazzling! Everything on the site feels bolder, bigger, brighter and lighter.

The marketing materials (downloadable PDF capabilities guides) received a new design and a complete copy overhaul. Rather than lists of features, which are comprehensive but can make the software seem overly complicated, we emphasized the benefits of the software and supported them with features. Prospects get a taste of the features but are driven to take the next step in the process and get a demo or free trial. These marketing materials are now perfect not only for potential software users, but for them to share with busy decision makers.

Behind the scenes, we worked to address the sales funnel challenges with new email marketing campaigns. We developed a followup series of emails for prospects who download the capabilities guide, providing valuable information, videos of the software in action, and prompts to schedule a demo or trial. We also worked with the PetroBase team to build out a communication plan to help prospects who are taking the free trial get the most from their experience.

The PetroBase team was thrilled with how their new site and marketing materials present them as the world-class software company they truly are!

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