Whistleblower Info Center

Web Development

A catastrophic injury law firm made a strategic branding decision. Rather than continuing to take on whistleblower law cases under their flagship firm name, they created a new brand entity called Whistleblower Info Center. The goal was two-fold. Create a website that could serve as a helpful guide for those who may have a potential whistleblower case and attract more qualified leads through relevant content. Under whistleblower law, American employees have the right to ‘blow the whistle’ on employers for fraud, injustice and wrongdoing—holding them legally accountable and in some cases, claiming justice.

Services Provided Branding | Logo Design | Copywriting | SEO | Custom Mobile & Tablet Compatible Website Design & Development | Custom WordPress CMS

Project Details

Because this was a completely new brand, everything had to be created. The Whistleblower Info Center logo, the look and feel of the brand and the brand voice. In working with the client, it became clear that this website needed to strike a different chord than the average whistleblower law firm site. Because whistleblower law can be very complex, the client felt it was important to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

From the site’s cool, muted colors and use of modern-looking illustrations to its approachable language—the site says, “stay a while.” And for those who may have a potential whistleblower case, it’s in their best interest to do so.

Whistleblowerinfocenter.com is chock-full of thorough FAQs, instructional downloads and helpful content for people who are gaining information around whistleblower law and best practices.

In developing the site content, there was a healthy balance of back and forth with the client to ensure our team was hitting the mark while maintaining accuracy. Our work also included a significant amount of on-site SEO to encourage more relevant visits as well as lead captures and accompanying drip email campaigns to keep prospective clients engaged.

This hard-working website also features a calendar widget for its main call-to-action, which is “Schedule a Free Consultation with a Whistleblower Attorney.” Prospects get the satisfaction of scheduling their free consultation right then and there, which is exceptionally reassuring given the sensitivity, and urgency, of their needs.

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