Veracity Capital

Web Development

Confidence requires company. Veracity Capital works with clients to shape a personalized financial solution that builds and helps protect their legacy. Their strategic approach to wealth management helps clients conquer the knowns and the possible unknowns on their path to lasting wealth, so they can meet the future with more confidence.

Veracity offers a boutique advisory experience with nationwide resources and reach. They came to us for marketing strategy and a new online presence that communicates that value.

Services Provided Branding, Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, Copywriting, SEO, Email Marketing

Project Details

We began this project with a Brand Positioning Analysis with Veracity Capital’s team. Their existing messaging was solid and consistent, but didn’t particularly stand out from the verbiage used by other wealth advisory terms. We helped them step out in a bolder branding direction with messaging centered around confidence and leadership—characteristics their clients have and aspire to. The new messaging is frank, conversational, challenging yet inspiring. It is designed to spur action.

Our design team worked with the existing logo and brand colors, but gave the entire site a much bolder, even futuristic look and feel. It has clear calls-to-action throughout, and we created a new drip email campaign linked to the site to lead prospects through the longer decision-making cycle involved in financial services. A new configurator allows site users to test their financial confidence in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

We set Veracity Capital up for SEO success with proper meta tags, headlines and keyword optimized copy. We are excited to continue working with Veracity Capital on continued SEO optimization, new marketing materials and lead generation.

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