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BILT Industries, Inc. produces the storage solutions countless warehouses, industrial distribution centers, automotive shops, ecommerce businesses, and more depend on every day. Their Klip-BILT II®, Quick-BILT® and Speedi-BILT® shelving lines are renowned for quality and dependability.

But like all strong companies, BILT knew they couldn’t rest on their laurels. They came to us not only for a modernized website and user experience, but for a new way to communicate their value to customers.

Services Provided Branding, Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, Copywriting, SEO

Project Details

We began this project with a Brand Positioning Analysis with BILT’s team. They were quick to emphasize that shelving is more than just a commodity. Done right, a functional shelving layout can be a major driver of efficiency, customer satisfaction, safety and even opportunity for BILT’s customer base. BILT provides not just shelving, but design assistance and expert consulting with every purchase to help customers achieve long-term ROI.

This unique value proposition—flexible storage solutions + design expertise—is front and center on the new website, and reinforced with clear calls to action throughout.

Our design team worked with the existing logo and brand colors, but gave the entire site an overhaul in both looks and function. It is now quick and easy to contact BILT, find documentation, and understand product options. The design and copy team worked together to rework the product pages. Configurable products like shelving can often overwhelm prospects with too many options. We kept it simple by emphasizing benefits and use cases and keeping the measurements and configuration options in downloadable specification documents.

We also set BILT up for SEO success with proper meta tags, headlines and keyword optimized copy. We are excited to continue optimizing and improving BILT’s online presence!

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