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Universal Engraving is one of the largest engraved die manufacturers in the world. Their hot stamping and embossing dies and tooling are crafted with unsurpassed skill and breathtaking detail, for distinctive end results that help ambitious creatives delight their clients. Universal Engraving also produces revolutionary technology, such as Econofoil® 2mm and the SpeedChase®, that help operators reduce press set-up time and achieve the fastest changeovers in the industry.

Though Universal Engraving is respected worldwide, their website no longer reflected their status as an industry leader and innovator. They came to us for a fresh outlook.

Services Provided Branding, Logo Design, Custom Website Design, Web Development, WordPress CMS, Copywriting, SEO, Photography, Videography

Project Details

Universal Engraving’s website had served them well for many years, but it had grown outdated in looks, function and content. As often happens with older sites, it had become convoluted with duplicate pages and multiple sub-navigations that made it difficult for users to find what they needed. The outdated platform significantly slowed down the site and made it inaccessible for some users.

We began with a new take on their brand messaging, helping to convey their value to prospects and their distinct role in helping move the industry forward, rather than simply focusing on a list of services and products. The logo got a modern refresh, too, incorporating the recognizable brand colors.

Working with Universal Engraving’s team, we got their many services and products up to date and created a much more streamlined navigation. This new structure not only greatly improved the user experience, it set a strong foundation for ongoing SEO efforts. The new WordPress CMS will make future site updates much easier.

The site’s design underwent a total transformation. From pages with few images and lists of links, it went to a fantastically crisp, clean and modern showcase of Universal Engraving’s offerings. New photography and a brand video, shot onsite by our sister company Hydraulic Studio, allow the site to show, not just tell, Universal Engraving’s artistry and innovation.

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